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CO-ZEECO-ZEE is the easiest way to create a safe, peaceful and stylish environment for your child in a stroller, carrycot or infant car seat.

A better alternative to a habit almost all parents have: To cover their baby with a jacket, loose blanket, towel, fabric with clothes pins, etc. Covering a baby in this old manner is strongly discouraged. The baby may get overheated if the material is too thick, or if there is not enough ventilation (according to the World Health Organization, approximately 25% of the 6,000 SIDS deaths that occur each year are caused by overheating).

With its universal, unique and modern design you can protect your baby from light, noise, wind, sun, light rain and other surrounding influences. Using the Velcro strips you can adjust it to different heights while providing excellent 40+ SPF (breathable cotton) always with ventilation. CO-ZEE is also available in a wide range of colors and designs which will match with any pram.

Parents clearly see the advantages: CO-ZEE was launched in 2011 in The Netherlands with a market penetration of over 10%! And has contributed to the creation of two new lines of accessories for strollers under the same guidelines: Innovative, Smart and Trendy solutions for today’s moms. And they keep expanding!

Open-MontageBlocks light, wind, sun, noise and other surrounding influences
• Universal (fits all brands strollers, infant car seats and carrycots)
• Adjustable in height
• Excellent SPF 40+
• Available in different colors & designs
• Machine Washable

Dutch Design

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